Sorry if you followed me for the pokemon shamings, but theres going to be a little break from that. I’m having trouble thinking of pokemon to do it for/what the shame would be.

But until then, have a Kerble.


Happy b-day sammy!! It’s not as many as I was wanting to draw but I’m kol with this! The left is a smaller one and the right is the big one! When I get back home I’ll actually color it for you!

Yes you can dear~ Sorry it took so long.

NSFW below the cut

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So I herd it’s a little birdies birthday today~

I hope you like is darlin!

Haaaa I’ve had this idea of Triggerfinger!Elis and Triggerfinger!Eric sharing a bath for awhile now and I finally drew it up ahh~

A tad bit of blood under the cut.

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Lotus Flower