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The Mod of Elis Ender

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I made another troll~

I think I’m going to make the hemospectrum…

two down, ten to go!

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"I just feel like I’m being pulled on my strings every which way-"

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This is after her re-design, this was her first design.

Her story changed a it from what’s on that page. She still gives out tarot card readings but her predictions sound like they will be bad when they can be good or bad. It’s all in the wording, like geinue wishes. If the creature she gives the reading to reads it as bad and gets upset with her, she puts a curse on them for awhile. If the creature doesn’t seem to mind, the reading will come true but it doesn’t mean it will be good nor bad. If the creature thanks her, she will ‘bless’ the creature for a period of time. Because of this, many swear by her readings and will visit her frequently/advise others to go but at the same time, those who become upset with her give her a bad reputation so it is a mix of both worlds. She dosen’t have a set home and travels everywhere around equestria, not staying in one place for too long. She is also a Kirin, a type of japanese unicorn associated with luck, so she is taller than most other ponies. Her magic is limited to small levitations(ex, tarrot cards, coins), curses, ‘blessings,’ and small future readings.That’s all I really have as of this moment for her… I also realized too late that her colors are a lot like Goodras.

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Ok so I’ve been delaying this for quite a while but i think it’s finally time to kick off my giveaway, Yay :D

This giveaway is in honor of Ender-lili my first Enderman oc, before I redid this blog she managed to gain 100+ followers which is wonderful! But unfortunately at the time I didnt quite have her story right, so I created her a new blog and rethought her story. Hopefully this time it’s done right! Let’s get started!

(This is my first giveaway so hopefully I do this right!) 

To participate in the giveaway you must Reblog this post & go follow Ender-lili simple!

Winner will receive a 2 foot tall handmade chibi plush of their endeman/non-enderman oc, made by yours truly Lilli-mun ^-^

Of course even though this is more directed towards enderman ocs that doesnt mean that it’s limited too them! Any oc is welcome, it could be any Minecraft mob or totally original, so long as you follow Ender-Lili I dont mind!

The only reason I specify enderman is because I know how to make them but I’m more than willing to figure out how to make other species :D

Rules (subject to change)

-Must reblog (likes dont count)

-Must be following Ender- Lili

-You must have an oc (otherwise this giveaway would be pointless!)

-Must have references of your oc 

-Must have ask box open

Winner will be randomly chosen using Random.org generator

***Please note that the plushie is a simplified version of your oc just like the pictures above***

I am more than willing to ship the winners plushie to where ever they live even outside the US, no worries about shipping fees, its all on me!(It wouldn’t be a giveaway if you had to pay after all)

Oh! and you do not have to be following me to participate, again this is all about Ender-lili so go follow! 

Giveaway ends April 30th when I will kick off Ender-lili’s new blog ^-^ Till then it will be under construction, but feel free to send asks!

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Random bullshit of Melony. 

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Wow guys… My mod blog finally got 100 followers and I couldn’t be prouder! So, I figure a event is in order. Welp, here it is;

  • 1st place: A full-body drawing, detailed background, colored, shading, highlighting- basically the whole kit and caboodle of one character of your choosing.
  • 2ed place: A full-body drawing, simple background, colored of one character of your chosing.
  • 3rd place: A full-body drawing, simple background, lineart with colored shading of one character of your choosing.


Likes count

One reblog counts

You must be following this blog

Have your ask box open so I can contact you

If you win and do not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.

Things I won’t draw;

Who am I kidding, I’ll try everything

Be warned, animals are difficult for me but I will try my absolute best.

Ends April 29, Winners will be announced same day

URLs will be randomly pulled from a randomizer, have fun and good luck!

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